Fly control

Flies are a problem everywhere in the world where people and animals inhabit.  Therefore, it is not surprising that there are so many solutions for mitigating them.  House flies and horse flies are seasonal invaders that fly right in and make themselves at home almost anywhere.  The good news is with such a wide-spread problem there are dozens of effective controls and new ones come out every year.  Unfortunately, there is no 100% solution, however every step taken can reduce the problem to the point of manageability.  IPM can provide a free, no-obligation inspection of any commercial property to asses what might help to eliminate flies.  IPM offers fly service that includes an array of products and services, to include:  fly lights, automatic metered fly spray, fly traps, dumpster treatments and fly baits.  Also, IPM can help with quick ideas without a visit- call now if you are having fly problems at your restaurant, hotel or office.

Getting rid of ants… for good

Ants are one of the toughest pests to eradicate.  We have heard of using peppermint oil, wiping surfaces with bleach, sprinkling cinnamon and other “home remedies”.  Many of these methods are designed to prevent the scout ants from being able to follow their pheromone trail back to the colony and therefore prevent the colony from foraging in the area that is in question.  This is a reasonable thing to try on a proactive basis and there is some evidence that it might be helpful.  However, once the scouts have been back and communicated their find to the rest of the colony it is frequently too late and it might be time to call a professional.  Store-bought products are quick to kill “on contact”- but the endless procession continues from the colony despite decimating the intruders with the harsh-smelling spray.  It’s easy to think, after seeing some results, that if a little is good, more must be better.  There is a better way.  IPM uses a contact bait applied outside that foraging ants inherently come in contact with and bring to the colony, ultimately eliminating the queen and therefore the source of the infestation.  It’s designed to be applied outside, keeping chemicals out of your business or home.  It is odorless, water-based (not oily) and it’s so effective when applied correctly, we guarantee it.

Time to review your pest control contract?

Budget season is once again upon us Colorado Springs!  Here at IPM we’ve sharpened our pencils for you.  With our free commercial pest control inspection, we can show your company how to potentially put hundreds or thousands of dollars back into your 2014 budget without sacrificing quality.  How?  We are local and lean; when your pest control dollars are spent with us you can rest assured you get the best value for your dollar.  Our customers are our livelihood and it shows in every account!

Fly and Yellow Jacket Season is upon us!

While residential customers report there are “bees” under their porch, Walmart is selling a steady stream of fly swatters to business owners in Colorado Springs.  If you find yourself in either of these categories, contact IPM for more information and a free inspection on either yellow jacket elimination or fly control.  As Fall quickly approaches, the flies get peskier and the stinging insects, more aggressive.  Let Integrated Pest Management take the buzzing out of your ear!