Cockroach elimination

There are several different species of cockroaches in Colorado.  In all food service establishments, German cockroaches are possible.  In Denver and Pueblo we see American Cockroaches from time to time.  Brown banded and Oriental cockroaches, although less common, are found in Colorado Springs, Denver and Pueblo.  The first step in elimination is identifying the species.  Treatment then can be tailored to the specific pest, and to the area infested.  Integrated Pest Management specializes in complete elimination; many service providers practice only different levels of control.  Some pests cannot be completely eradicated from a structure; we do not believe cockroaches are one.  Here is a link that is useful in identifying what type of cockroach you have.  Keep in mind that you may have more than one kind, although not likely.  Also keep in mind that the different life stages of insects can look very different, as well as differences between males and females.  It’s best to compare several insects to several photos and begin the process of elimination, knowing what it’s not.  Call IPM any time for a free inspection or insect identification.

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