Pest Control in Colorado Springs

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We understand that guest satisfaction is an essential business driver for you. Any sign of pest problems in or around your property can create a perception that the premises are not a clean, safe place to stay. The result is potential damage to your reputation and loss of customers and revenue through comped rooms, comped meals, and rooms out of service.

Protecting What Matters Most to Your Success

Integrated Pest Management’s comprehensive program, designed specifically for hospitality properties, helps you ensure guest satisfaction. We offer you comprehensive pest prevention solutions to address the specific pest pressures of your property. IPM’s program is designed to go beyond pest control and provide you comprehensive protection that helps eliminate the common pests you face:

Pest Elimination Grounded in Science

Integrated Pest Management’s comprehensive pest program, combined with our outside-in approach, consistent service, action-driven reporting, pest experience and educational resources help you prevent pests. With IPM as your pest elimination partner, you can be confident you’ll be able to:

  • Enhance guest satisfaction and protect your reputation by providing a clean, pest-free environment
  • Better manage your operational costs to maximize profitability Pass inspection audits and avoid costly shutdowns



Why Your Bed Bug Program Matters:


After years of virtual eradication from the hospitality industry, the bed bug is back and showing up in even the most exclusive hotels and resorts. These small, nocturnal blood-feeding insects can seriously harm your business by upsetting guests, generating bad publicity, or worse, raising costly legal concerns.


Pest Elimination Grounded in Science

Integrated Pest Management delivers science-based pest prevention solutions to eliminate bed bugs. Proven effective for over a decade, IPM’s multi-treatment protocol is designed to kill bed bugs at all life stages, minimizing their impact on guest safety and satisfaction.

Through significant field experience, IPM has identified tools, chemistries, inspection techniques and application methods that provide superior efficacy from a multi-visit service. IPM’s bed bug service schedule includes:

  •  Initial Service: Inspection/Treatment
  • 48-hour Follow-up Service: Inspection/Treatment/Room Release
  • 2-week Follow-up Service: Inspection/Treatment

With IPM as your pest elimination partner, you can be confident you are maintaining a pest-free facility.

Did you know?

An adult bed bug can survive up to 10 months without feeding, and lives between five months and one year. A single bed bug can lay as many as 500 eggs in one lifetime. Under optimal conditions, their life cycle from egg to adult is between 6 and 8 weeks.