Pigeon program for commercial buildings

The state of Colorado has no shortage of pigeons, and that problem is only going to worsen in the future.  Recently, many national companies have discontinued their monthly pigeon programs in Colorado, sending letters to existing customers advising them of the change.  This change comes as the result of the way they treated for pigeons and the material they used.  This product recently underwent a change to the product label.  Pest control operators are held to the label of the products they use, and the change made the current application method for national companies illegal going forward.  Fortunately for IPM and its customers, we have an integrated approach and a common-sense, multi-faceted monthly program for pigeons that allows us to serve our customers without skating close to the limit of the law.  We recognize that health care, hospitality, food service, retail and office buildings cannot afford these pests nor the cosmetic degradation they bring.  We also realize the responsibility we have to the environment, the surrounding areas and the animals themselves to create solutions that restore balance and minimize the footprint we leave.  So, as the mega-companies shed their pigeon business, perhaps you’ll consider calling IPM for a free estimate.  If a monthly, proactive service is in everyone’s best interest, we’ll be happy to be your new pest control company.

Expansion into new counties in Colorado

IPM has expanded into Clear Creek County, just west of Jefferson County.  We are proud to be servicing two restaurants monthly in Georgetown and Conifer, CO.  We are growing rapidly, but still look for referrals to do so.  We meet any Colorado business’s pest control needs with fully customizable, environmentally responsible and economical pest solutions.  Call us anytime for a free, confidential pest and sanitation inspection!

Cockroach elimination

There are several different species of cockroaches in Colorado.  In all food service establishments, German cockroaches are possible.  In Denver and Pueblo we see American Cockroaches from time to time.  Brown banded and Oriental cockroaches, although less common, are found in Colorado Springs, Denver and Pueblo.  The first step in elimination is identifying the species.  Treatment then can be tailored to the specific pest, and to the area infested.  Integrated Pest Management specializes in complete elimination; many service providers practice only different levels of control.  Some pests cannot be completely eradicated from a structure; we do not believe cockroaches are one.  Here is a link that is useful in identifying what type of cockroach you have.  Keep in mind that you may have more than one kind, although not likely.  Also keep in mind that the different life stages of insects can look very different, as well as differences between males and females.  It’s best to compare several insects to several photos and begin the process of elimination, knowing what it’s not.  Call IPM any time for a free inspection or insect identification.

Rats in Denver?

If you think you have rats, you may be right.  Check out this video that recently aired on Denver news channel 9.  Call for more information and an elimination or control solution at your property!



Solutions to spiders

Starting when the nighttime temperatures drop in late August along the Front Range and ending around Thanksgiving, spiders in Colorado are attracted to retained heat in structures.  This means more pest sightings inside, as well as more spider webs.  We all know in Colorado the pest pressure will decrease when Winter sets in, but what is the best method to prevent spiders instead of waiting for Old Man Winter?  Integrated pest management, according to the EPA is “…an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices. IPM programs use current, comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment.”   We take an outside-in approach, treating for spiders where they originate. rather than only treating on a reactive, after the fact, basis on the interior of the building.  And, of course, it all starts with an inspection and pest trends are monitored monthly so that treatment reflects the current need, not the calendar.  For more information on how to create a pest management plan for your property, see the sites below or call for more information on your specific needs.